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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Norman K. Miles

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Walter B. T. Douglas

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James J. North, Jr.



One of the fastest growing groups in American society is the single-parent household. There are four areas of concern that single parents have identified repeatedly at the Juniper Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is the purpose of this study to address these concerns through the development and field testing of a seminar with suggested coping skills to aide single parents in rearing their children within a Christian environment.


A questionnaire was developed to secure pertinent information to aide the researcher to ascertain the specific content to be included in the coping-skills seminar for single-parents. A syllabus was developed outlining four lectures with suggested coping skills in the areas of finance, dating and sex, personal space, and discipline. The seminar was conducted in a small group setting of fifteen participants with one facilitator.


The single-parent population of the Juniper Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church has benefitted in specific and tangible ways after actually applying many of the coping skills presented in the coping-skills seminar for single parents. The local church was affected positively as the church witnessed healing in its congregation. The pastor, as facilitator, matured as he participated in a significant aspect of ministry that addressed major problems with practical solutions. The greatest benefit went to the children of these single parents. Savings accounts have been opened for children, more time is given to meal preparation, some fathers are being held financially accountable, and discipline is not as harsh in most households.


Careful study into the difficulties facing single parents with the purpose of finding practical solutions to problems is reaping a rich harvest. The coping skills seminar for single parents is a tool leading to more positive relationships between single-parent and child. The church community is a participant in the mission of the church as it relieves the suffering of the oppressed. The Juniper Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church has enhanced its ability to recognize and relieve pain through the implementation of the coping-skills seminar for single parents .

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Single parents; Church work with single parents--Seventh-day Adventists

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