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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Atilio Dupertuis

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Douglas R. Kilcher

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Norman K. Miles


Problem. A need for increased involvement and training in public evangelism of the Hispanics Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Wisconsin prompts one to discover different methods and ways by which laity could be educated and well-equipped to fulfill their ministry. Many programs for training laity for evangelism have been activated in Latin America, but the notably different cultural conditions of North America suggest that Hispanic people familiar with Latin American programs may need retraining if they are to be effectively Involved in evangelistic work in Wisconsin.

Method. A training program in public evangelism was designed and implemented for a selected group of lay members of the Central Hispanic S.D.A. Church of Milwaukee. They received theoretical and practical instruction during a seven-week evangelistic campaign.

Results. This project, conducted from October through November of 1987, proved effective in the involvement of lay members in public evangelism. Twenty-five new converts were baptized, and a new congregation was organized as a result of lay work. The same program was applied for the church in 1988 and a new congregation of thirty members was organized.

Conclusions. Even though not all church members are gifted with the gift of evangelism, all Christians are called to be witnesses. It is the collective responsibility of all members, ministry and laity alike, proclaim the Gospel to others.

Subject Area

Hispanic American Seventh-day Adventists--Wisconsin

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