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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Russell L. Staples

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Robert M. Johnston

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Norman K. Miles


Problem. The problem addressed by this developmental project is inadequate spirituality among Adventist ministers in Zimbabwe as observed by the researcher and expressed by other colleagues in the ministry. The study pursued is not simply academic, but is designed to meet the need for enhanced spirituality in the lives and practice of Adventist ministers in Zimbabwe, and is to be tested and refined by use in an actual program of ministerial formation.

Method. The study is developed in three stages as follows: First:, it investigates appropriate forms of spirituality as they are revealed and alluded to in the New Testament and illuminated in Christian literature on spirituality, church, ministry, and ministerial formation. The method used in Chapters 2 through 4 is Scriptural pursuit and exegesis inasmuch as biblical images of spirituality, church and ministry are explored. Exegesis is general and not focused on each text. The biblical data on what it means to be an authentic Christian, church, and minister are augmented by Christian literature on similar topics. Second, the study seeks to build a case for enhanced spirituality among Adventist pastors in Zimbabwe. Third, lessons and other appropriate methods of promoting spirituality, based on the findings of the study, are developed as a proposed program of spiritual formation to be incorporated into the ministerial training curriculum at Solusi College.

Results. An investigation of various images of Christian experience, church, and pastoral ministry reveals that spirituality involves a radical transformation of life, living in intimate communion with God, maturing in Christ, and becoming more like Him.

Conclusions. The conclusion is that a proper understanding of appropriate forms of spirituality on the part of the individual Christian, the Christian community, and the Christian pastor constitutes an essential part of ministerial formation.

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Spiritual life, Theology--Study and teaching--Zimbabwe--Seventh-day Adventists

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