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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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C. Warren Becker

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C. Raymond Holmes

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Robert M. Johnston


Problem. Congregational singing represents the part of corporate worship in which the entire group of worshippers present participates. It is therefore a vital and integral part of public worship. However, despite the availability of broad general guidelines at denominational level, these have not always been implemented in an effective manner at the level of the local church or pastoral district.

Method. This project report is presented in two parts. Part 1 comprises a position paper which serves as the theoretical component of the project. This includes a biblical/theological rationale for congregational singing, a denominational perspective, a historical overview of Christian hymnody, and suggestions for the implementation of the workshop program which follows. The practical component of the project is contained in Part 2 which contains the suggested workshop program. The latter is arranged to be presented over two weekends, covering Friday evening and all day Sabbath of each weekend. Workshop material for presentation during the first weekend is designed to help the individual church member as well as the entire congregation to have a better understanding of the role of congregational singing in the context of worship. The workshop sessions outlined for the second weekend are addressed specifically to the music personnel and worship leaders of the church, and are designed to help them better understand their responsibilities as leaders and planners of congregational singing.

Conclusions. This project seeks to fill a definite need in the churches. However, its usefulness depends on its implementation by the local churches and districts based on the attitudes of local pastors and music leaders toward congregational singing.

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Church music--Seventh-day Adventists, Music in churches

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