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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

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Robert Moon

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Raoul F. Dederen

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Benjamin Reaves



The members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church must witness if they are to fulfill the Gospel commission and spread the three angels' messages. Two factors which may be hindering the development of an active lay witness are: (1) a lack of understanding about what witness really is and, (2) an inadequate understanding of how to witness.


The methods used were divided into three activities. The first was the review of theological and instructional literature toward the end of the development of instructional materials. The second activity was the use of these materials during which formative evaluation took place. The evaluation included in-process evaluation as well as the use of a class evaluation questionnaire and an interview procedure. The third activity involved an analysis of the information gathered for the improving instructional procedures and personal skill in teaching.


The majority of the students reported the class as having been successful in meeting its objectives and aiding them in witness. Categories of statements that were most helpful in formulating ways to improve the instruction were: (1) those who suggested the need for more specific examples of witness experience, (2) those who appreciated the outlining of the essential facts of the Gospel for presentation to another, (3) those who found a closer relationship with Christ in the class.


The results of the formative evaluation suggest the direction to move in the future are: (1) the development of more specific examples of witness, (2) the development of teacher aids to guide teachers in instructing the students on the development of their own outline of the Gospel, and (3) the awareness of the teacher of the potential of the teaching of witness as a tool for leading students to Christ. From the author's personal experience it is suggested that instruction would be strengthened with more action-oriented instructional procedures to give the students opportunity for appropriate practice. It is also important that Academy Bible teachers need training in contemporary instructional theory.

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Witness bearing (Christianity)--Study and teaching

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