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Project Report

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Doctor of Ministry


Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary


Doctor of Ministry DMin

First Advisor

Benjamin D. Schoun

Second Advisor

Fernando Canale

Third Advisor

Russell L. Staples


The Topic. The topic of this project is evangelistic theory. Because of the large-scale secularization of Western society, the evangelistic method that has prevailed for decades is becoming less and less effective. Some adjustment to evangelistic process must be made if it is to remain effective in speaking to thinking, sophisticated modems.

The Purpose. This project was to experiment with evangelistic theory, proposing and testing a new paradigm for speaking to secular people that uses a philosophical strategy.

The Sources. The original source for this project was material presented in a doctoral class. It was augmented with pertinent literature from both books and periodicals. Data were also gathered from various testing procedures, and from several experiments with groups and individuals using the central ideas. Feedback was also obtained subsequent to the implementation of the new paradigm in a public setting.

Conclusions. Conclusions about the effectiveness of this new paradigm in general public evangelistic endeavor are unclear. More work is needed before conclusions can be accurately drawn. An unanticipated and happy conclusion is that this new paradigm shows good evidence of being an effective method of affirming and solidifying the commitments of educated, questioning people of faith, both young and old.

Subject Area

Non-church-affiliated people, Church work with young adults, Evangelistic work--Seventh-day Adventists

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