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Doctor of Education


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Higher Education Administration EdD

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Edward A. Streeter

Second Advisor

Richard B. Bayley

Third Advisor

David Bauer


Problem. While large organizations such as federal and state governments and large commercial corporations have expended their resources to take advantage of communication satellites, private organizations with more modest means have not been provided with a plan for utilization of this new technology. The purpose of this study was to design a model for development of a telecommunications network which private organizations could use to create their own telecommunications satellite networks. Literature was reviewed to provide a perspective of the history and development of satellite technology. Two telecommunication networks already in operation by private organizations were visited and a report about these networks provided concrete aspects of inter-connect systems. A model for the development of a satellite network was then recommended with specific notes on potential areas of operation and administration. The model was validated by a jury, a panel of experts in the field of satellite communications, who provided comments with their evaluations.

Conclusion. Telecommunication satellite networks were shown to be successfully operated in two private organizations and are known to be in a developmental stage at others. A simple step-by-step procedure, as recommended in this study, would be helpful to other organizations interested in developing a network. The Seventh-day Adventist Church, object of this model, with its multi-faceted operation of administrative offices, schools, hospitals, printing plants, food factories, broadcast stations, emergency preparedness units, and approximately 3000 local churches in the United States could benefit from having a telecommunications network and should commence plans for developing an Adventist Telecommunications Network.

Subject Area

Artificial satellites in telecommunication, Telecommunication systems.