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Doctor of Philosophy


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Religious Education, PhD

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John B. Youngberg

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Daniel A. Augsburger

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Donna Habenicht



The Adventist Church places a high value on family worship yet less than 50 percent of those surveyed indicated that the observance was practiced. It was posited that an investigation of the aims and methods of family worship might provide a partial answer to this phenomenon. This present study was to determine the underlying dimensions of the aims and methods of family worship and to discover which methods have a significant correlation with the aims of family worship.


An instrument was developed for collecting data from individual members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who reside in the geographic area known as the Lake Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Factor analysis was used to identify the underlying dimensions of the aims and methods and regression analysis was employed to observe the relationships between the aims and methods.


Four hundred and sixty-six individuals returned the questionnaire providing a return rate of 48 percent. Factor analysis produced two highly correlated (.83) aims factors which were labeled God-oriented and Family-directed. Ten methods factors emerged with intercorrelations that were moderate to low. Regression analysis found three methods factors with significant and meaningful correlations with the aims factors. They were the Relational-Self Disclosure, Affirmation-Existential, and Prayer factors.


The family worships that are most effective for accomplishing the aims identified in this study are those that incorporate activities that are highly relational with elements of self-disclosure. Each individual present should experience a personal sense of well-being and give and receive meaningful amounts of affirmation. Prayer and the Bible are used in relational ways. Twenty minutes or more may be needed to assure the best results. The study did not give a clear signal on the frequency of the exercise. Only the Prayer factor included an item on frequency. This item indicated that prayer should be included both morning and evening.

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Families--Religious life.

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