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Doctor of Philosophy


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Higher Education Administration PhD

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Lyndon G. Furst

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L. Roosevelt McKenzie

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Walter B.T. Douglas


The purpose of this study was to examine the views held by administrators, teachers, students, and parents regarding the expressed needs for vocational education in secondary schools in Barbados.

The survey method was used to gather the data. All respondents were asked to complete a 42-item questionnaire. The population sample was 762, which was made up of 122 administrators, 224 teachers, 274 students, and 142 parents. The data were analyzed using the t-test and one-way analysis of variance.

The major findings in the study were: (1) All groups were homogenous in their response and expressed a strong need for all aspects of vocational education. (2) Administrators expressed a desire to see the improvement of teachers' competency. (3) Students placed highest priority on aspects of vocational education that directly affected themselves. (4) Parents placed strongest interest in areas where they could play an active rather than passive role. (5) Administrators in Newer Secondary schools showed greater concern forspecific areas over and above administrators in Grammar schools. (6) Female teachers ofNewer secondary schools placed high priority on the need for personnel development. (7) Schools with students who had scores of 59 or below in the common entrance examination placed more importance on vocational education than schools with students with higher scores. (8) There is an expressed need in all sectors of the school community for thedevelopment of vocational education. The awareness is stronger in the Newer Secondary schools as opposed to the Grammar schools.

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Vocational education--Barbados, Education, Secondary--Barbados

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