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Doctor of Philosophy


School of Education


Higher Education Administration PhD

First Advisor

Bernard M. Lall

Second Advisor

Jimmy Kijai

Third Advisor

Roo McKenzie


Problem. This study is to examine the burnout levels of secondary-school teachers in Taiwan and to determine if leadership style, organizational climate, and demographic variables are related to teacher burnout.

Methods. This quantitative research based on empirical data collection utilized the following instruments: (1) the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), (2) the Leadership Behavior Description Questionnaire (LBDQ), and (3) the Organizational Climate Index (OCI). The four instruments are translated into Chinese and administered to 809 secondary teachers serving in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Multiple regression and Analysis of Variance were used to determine what kind of leadership style and organizational climate factors, as perceived by teachers, would relate to teacher burnout.

Results. Taiwan secondary-school teachers have high Emotional Exhaustion, moderate Depersonalization, and low Reduced Personal Accomplishment. The organizational climate is perceived to be a low Intellectual Climate, low Achievement Standard, low Personal Dignity, low Organization Effectiveness, low Orderliness, but high Impulse Control. The leadership style is perceived to have a high degree of Initiating Structure, but a low degree of Consideration, which are combined and defined as Telling or Authoritarian leadership style.

Conclusion. Although teachers in Taiwan have large class size more than 40 students and average 8 hours overtime a week, a majority of teachers experience moderate burnout levels and only 8% experience a high burnout level. In the multiple regression model, Personal Dignity, Age, Consideration, Overtime, and Gender are associated with Emotional Exhaustion. Consideration, Personal Dignity, Age, and Overtime are associated with Depersonalization. Initiating Structure, Impulse Control, and Age are associated with Reduced Personal Accomplishment.

Subject Area

High school teachers--Taiwan, Burn out (Psychology)

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