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Problem. Nigerian university student-affairs serviceshave been characterized by negative campus activism, violent demonstrations, and the destruction of lives and properties, the result of which led to the closing down of many Nigerian universities. Thus far, little empirical data exist regarding the student personnel servicesavailable to students at Nigerian universities, the importance of student-affairs services, or the level of student satisfaction with these services.

Methods. A quantitative survey methodology was used to assess 35 student-affairs services. A developed and validated survey instrument, the Student ServicesQuestionnaire (SSQ), was administered to collect data from currently registered undergraduate and graduate students of both genders through each vice-president for student affairs and/or faculty members in six Nigerian universities.

Nine hundred surveys were sent to Nigerian university students. Six hundred and seventy-three (74.8%) completed questionnaires were returned. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t tests, analysis ofvariance, and the Student-Newman-Keuls.

Results. Overall, students' responses indicated that students perceived most services as highly important. In all six institutions, 25 out of the 35 services were highly rated as important. Conversely, studentsgenerally indicated that they did not experience a high level of satisfaction with these services. Only religious services was rated as a moderately satisfactory service. Comments from 655 students validated theempirical data indicating that most services are perceived as important and needed but with no satisfaction.

Conclusions. Based on this study, the Nigerian university students attach a high level of importance to student services but generally have low levels of satisfaction with these services. (1) Very little difference exists between male and female students on perception either importance or satisfaction. (2) No difference exists between academic status on view of importance. (3) Younger students have higher levels of satisfaction than do older students. (4) Students at the religiously affiliated university have higher levels of satisfaction than those at secular universities.

Thus, educating the total person is possible only when a student's learning takes place in a conducive atmospheric environment, where life's basic amenities such as food, shelter, security, love, and other physiological and psychological needs are being met.

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College students--Services for--Nigeria, College students--Nigeria

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