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Too many young people have lost their faith on a public university campus. Despite the barrage of sophistry hurled at these young people, only a handful of denominational workers are engaged in ministry to these students. On many secular campuses, ministry to students is virtually non-existent. At best, sound campus ministry efforts are dependent on a few student leaders that graduate all too quickly. Even where student-led groups do exist, they often lack a clear biblical focus and evangelistic mission. A viable and sustainable program of training for ministry to public university students is seriously lacking within the Seventh-day Adventist church. For some, it seems that ministry on secular university campuses is not worth the investment. However, the history of CAMPUS, a division of the Michigan Conference Public Campus Ministry department, shows that when converted students are trained and empowered to be missionaries on college campuses, an Adventist secular campus ministry can grow into a vibrant movement.

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Reach the Campus, Reach the World


Steve Case


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Lincoln, NE


The 180° Symposium




Posted with permission, Center for Youth Evangelism at Andrews University



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