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Students everywhere are crying out for more: more money, more freedom and oftentimes more knowledge. Those of us who lead them must find ways to satisfy that hunger especially when they desire spiritual food. But of course, for every desire there is a challenge. Those attending public universities must contend with the blatant secular nature of their environs—we should get to know those environs. Those attending public colleges don’t have spiritual formation built into their curriculum—we should provide them with meaningful options. And then we should do even more. “Feed my sheep,” Jesus says and he doesn’t tell us to stop. He wants us to give our students the spiritual food that will satisfy and grow them. “More food” must be part of the mantra. The “more” is intentionally biblical community—be it a traditional local church, a contemporary house church, a weekly small group, or some other fellowship. However it looks, it must be a space in which the truths of God as revealed in Scripture are explored, wrestled with, questioned and possibly answered. Spiritual transformation needs continual and intentional spiritual food.

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Reach the Campus, Reach the World


Steve Case


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Lincoln, NE


The 180° Symposium




Posted with permission, Center for Youth Evangelism at Andrews University



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