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One defining characteristic of Generation Z—those who are currently collectively under the age of 25, is their concern for social justice. They fight for themselves, their friends, their classmates, and others they see treated unfairly, whether due to issues of gender, sexuality, race, pay, or environmental. Yet a major social justice concern for Gen Z and youth, in general, is limited participation or lack of access to processes that affect their lives. This paper argues that meaningful participation of young people is vital because 1) Young people have always been key players in God’s mission; 2) Youth participation is a human right; 3) Historically youth have been key actors of social and political changes; 4) Their participation enhances order and stability in society; 5) Their participation enhances provision and protection rights, and 6) Their participation prevents and/or reduces their dropping out of the church.


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Real. Deal. Heal. Gen Z and Social Issues


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