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Even the best Christian programming, education, and church activities are no substitute for an individual having a saving encounter with Christ, then being discipled and mentored by authentic Christian parents and authentic Christian church leaders. These parents and leaders must show repentance when wrong, process through the struggles of the Christian journey with young people (where appropriate), and love them unconditionally as they express their intrinsic joy in their relationship with Christ and impart truth and precepts to their children. This chapter will assemble information from several books, internet research, and individual interviews in order to establish what is generally working in Christian Adventist homes and in the Adventist culture to keep or bring young Adventists to a deeper relationship with Christ. It will also identify what is not working. The greatest influences in young people’s acceptance of Christianity is a healthy life in both the family and the church, where people live out an authentic Christianity and possess a firm apologetic foundation.

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Generational Faith: Change and Consistency across Generations


Steve Case


Advent Source


Lincoln, NE


The 180° Symposium




Posed with permission, Center for Youth Evangelism at Andrews University



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