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Second and third generation young adult Christians have rebelled against the church of their parents, against the status quo. Therefore, in a simple two-group understanding, they have either left the church altogether or have chosen to cope by personalizing their faith. In response to these two “rebellious” groups, older generations have either pulled in their reigns against apostasy of the latter group or have chosen to exclude the mavericks and forget those considered to be “weak” who have left the ranks. What do leaders do with the alarming statistics regarding those who have left, and what do they do with the ever-changing milieu of how the church looks with the few who have stayed but have chosen to alter the tried and true paths? I suggest two things for those working with “rebellious” millennials, 1) Let those who want to leave…leave, but leave with hope and 2) give those who want change… change, but change with support.

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Generational Faith: Change and Consistency across Generations


Steve Case


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Lincoln, NE


The 180° Symposium




Posed with permission, Center for Youth Evangelism at Andrews University



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