The Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship is a campus-wide event that showcases the culture of research and creative scholarship at Andrews. This year's conference will start at 12:30 pm, on Friday, October 20, 2023. The 2022 Horn Award winners will provide the plenary presentations.

Faculty are invited to present results from current studies or to share plans for future research. You may choose to give a poster (preferred) or an oral presentation during a breakout session.

Graduate Students are invited to present the results of their studies. Presentations are expected from recipients of Graduate Research Assistantships or the Graduate Grant in aid of Research, as well as from students whose work has been accepted for presentation at an off-campus conference.

Undergraduate students who participated in off-campus summer research experiences or internships are expected to present the results of their summer work. Also expected to present are research students who are graduating in December and will not be on campus for the 2024 Honors Scholar and Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium.

Undergraduate students are invited to explore research collaboration opportunities with faculty. Co-curricular credit will be available.

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