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January 2013


This book on the reformation and the confessional era (1517-1648) is succinct, informative, and very readable. It is a textbook that contains fifteen neatly arranged chapters. The advantage of Jung’s textbook lies in the fact that it is not merely another book about the reformation and post-reformation period for its real strength is found not as much in the presentation of the historical facts and developments per se as in the enclosed pertinent syllabus for university studies and exams on both epochs. Instructors and professors may benefit from Jung’s teaching experience, using the materials and adapting them according to their needs in the college or university setting. Maps, figures, tables, and excerpts from original source material contribute to a better presentation and portrayal of the discussed content. Each chapters is concluded with a list of further readings. Foreign and technical terms are defined in a glossary. Individuals and subject matters may be easily found through the attached person and subject indices.