WELCOME to Andrews University’s 12th edition of the SDA Business Teachers Conference (SDABTC). After an interruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to resume with the conference. We are happy and encouraged by this unprecedented number of participants. We are so glad that you have been able to brave many challenges to respond to our invitation. We are grateful to you.

While our society was already experiencing numerous mutations in the pre-COVID era, this post-COVID era that is opening up before us brought even more unknowns, challenges to be met, uncertainties, but above all many opportunities to grow and to work together for more efficiency and to show compassion to one another. This conference is expected to be a platform of discussions, a venue to share experiences and build collaborative dynamism to help our society meet the necessary sustainable development goals released by the United Nations. As a community, scholars, and decision makers, our contributions to those challenges placed before us are essentials. Especially since they remind us of the mission entrusted to us by GOD.

This edition of the SDABTC has in store for us an audience of extraordinary guests and speakers. I encourage you to make the most of your participation in this event and the possible interactions it offers us.

Welcome again and may GOD pour unlimited blessings upon each of you.




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