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Managing for Quality in Higher Education: A Systems Perspective


Managing for Quality in Higher Education: A Systems Perspective


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" Higher education is capturing headlines across America, but not always for what some consider the right reasons. As tuition costs have out-paced the cost of living and student debt has soared, debates rage over whether a college degree provides a good return on the student’s investment of time and money. Within the context of the current unsettled educational environment, Professors Maguad and Krone’s work is a welcome resource. The authors, in the opening chapter, identify the principles that have guided the Quality Movement in industry and business and apply them to the world of higher education. Drawing from their years of experience in the classroom, their participation in the business world, governmental agencies, and their long-standing involvement in the Quality Movement, Maguad and Krone provide an overview of the Quality Movement and identify the people who influenced its growth and contributed to its success. The brief biographies of those who have been associated with the Quality Movement in America and other countries give life to the movement. The contributions each person has made to the Quality Movement and the effect these people had on industry, business and government are a balance to the world of theory and hypothesis." From review by Lawrence G. Downing



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Frederiksberg, Denmark


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Managing for Quality in Higher Education: A Systems Perspective