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Quantitative Research for Practical Theology

Quantitative Research for Practical Theology



Following the Qualitative Research for Practical Theology, this volume discusses the advantages and limitations of using quantitative research methods in practical theology and provides guidance on how to integrate these methods with other approaches, such as qualitative research. The book emphasizes the importance of using rigorous research in order to produce valid and reliable results and also addresses ethical considerations in conducting research with human subjects. Written by a number of authors from different parts of the world, both practical theologians and social scientists, it presents a balanced approach to practical research from both scientific and theological perspective. The authors provide practical guidance on how to conduct quantitative research within the context of practical theology and missiology. A number of case studies and examples from real-life research projects illustrate the application of this method to practical questions and issues church ministry and mission faces.
Quantitative Research for Practical Theology is an invaluable resource for theologians, religious scholars, and practitioners seeking to gain a solid grounding in quantitative research methods. By providing clear explanations, illustrative examples, and practical advice, this book enables readers to apply social science research methods to their own theological inquiries, leading to a deeper understanding of religious phenomena and more effective missional practice. Graduate and doctoral students, as well as novice and experienced quantitative researchers in practical theology will find this book very useful, user-friendly, and practical. To make writing the dissertation project a successful enterprise, the book provides essential exemplars of various parts of the research paper. This book is filled with tables, figures, and illustrations helping to apply the text.



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Quantitative Research for Practical Theology