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Scripture and Philosophy: Essays Honoring the Work and Vision of Fernando Luis Canale

Scripture and Philosophy: Essays Honoring the Work and Vision of Fernando Luis Canale



Scripture and Philosophy presents a collection of essays by students of Dr. Fernando Canale. They cover a wide spectrum of philosophical and biblical issues related to his work. Edited by Tiago Arrais, Kenneth Bergland, and Michael F. Younker.

Table of contents: Introduction / Michael F. Younker with Tiago Arrais and Kenneth Bergland -- Life sketch of Fernando Canale / Silvia Canale Bacchiocchi -- Part I: Understanding the vision : An introduction to Canale's criticism of theological reason / Sven Focker -- Divine passibility, analogical temporality, and theo-ontology: implications of a canonical approach / John C. Peckham -- Hermeneutics of doctrine and theological deconstruction: the contribution of Fernando Canale for doctrinal studies / Adriani Milli Rodrigues -- Narrowing the hermeneutical circle: Fernando Canale on reason, revelation, and truth / Zane Yi -- God's involvement in inspired-biblical-language in selected works of Vern Poythress and Fernando Canale / Iriann Marie Hausted -- Canale's utilization of phenomenology: analyzing its problems and perspectives / Oliver Glanz -- A study of Canale's historiography / Rodrigo Galiza -- The biblical sanctuary motif in historical perspective / Denis Kaiser -- From metaphysics to templephysics: situating the significance of Fernando Canale's contributions for the 'Christian Philosopher' / Michael F. Younker -- Part II: On the horizons of the vision : Reading as a disclosure of the thoughts of the heart / Kenneth Bergland -- The influence of macro-hermeneutical assumptions upon biblical interpretation: a brief evaluation of the historical grammatical method / Tiago Arrais -- Scripture authorizing doctrine: a case study from the Epistle to the Hebrews / Kessia Reyne Bennett -- Biblical hermeneutics at the onset of Christianity: a comparison between the Alexandrian and Antiochene schools of interpretation / C. Adelina Alexe -- Luther in the eucharistic debates: sola scriptura or divination of man? / Silvia Canale Bacchiocchi -- What makes humans human? Personal ontology in the creation narrative of day six (Gen. 1:24-31) / Marla A. Samaan Nedelcu -- Philosophy, theology, and language: Ludwig Wittgenstein and Fernando L. Canale / Moises Estrada -- Postmodernism and Heidegger's critique of modernity / Christian Wannenmacher -- Velocity and technique in the contemporary era: understanding the mediatic logic through Martin Heidegger / Tales Tomaz -- The collateral effects of the delay of Jesus' Parousia on the message, mission, and worship of the church / Elmer A. Guzman



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Scripture and Philosophy: Essays Honoring the Work and Vision of Fernando Luis Canale