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Signs are everywhere and are clear that we are heading toward uncertainty. People are speculative on either our immediate or long-term future. Our life situation is deteriorating momentarily. We admit that we are in a crisis. The author addresses our contemporary plight by drawing our attention to the final moments of ancient Israel on their forty-year journey from Egypt to Canaan. The author focuses on this historical biblical event and draws practical lessons that amazingly impact people today who are living in the very last stages of the earth’s history. He shows that we can learn from past history and avoid the impending consequences. We are living in the time of the end. Just like ancient Israel camping by the Jordan River, ready to cross over, we are just on the brink of eternity. There is a need for readiness for our own transition into heaven. The inquisitive mind on how things shall turn out will find in this book helpful insights that inspire hope and preparedness for the future.


9781512789140 (sc), 9781512789157 (hc), 971512789133 (e)

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WestBow Press


Bloomington, IN


Biblical Studies


Patrick Mazani is well-acquainted with the geography of the places he writes about. He had extensive travels in the biblical lands for his academic studies. He holds a PhD in Old Testament studies and ancient Near East archaeology from Andrews University. He makes the biblical text easy to understand, practical, and appealing to apply in the reader’s life.

On the Plains of Moab: Reflections for the End Times