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Science Fun for You and Your Children

The author claims that many students are afraid of college level math and science courses and give up on lifelong dreams. However by getting involved with activities related to science, rather than memorizing facts, some decide to “bite the bullet” and take advanced studies. As a teacher, he learned the processes learned along the way are more important than the facts. For that reason, the book is centered on a dozen process skills such as Observing, Measuring, Classifying, Communicating, etc. Piaget assumed: “Children build on THEIR own knowledge based on THEIR own experiences.”

The first three editions of the book were entitled “Science Activities for Christian Children.” The book is valuable for Parents and others who desire to make science education enjoyable with great “take-aways.” Each activity includes Materials, Procedures, and suggested Objectives, Spiritual Lessons and Bible Texts that open “teachable moments” that combine faith and learning.

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Gazelle Publications


Berrien Springs, MI


Science and Mathematics Education

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Doing Science Learning Life: Activities with Spiritual Lessons