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Voices from the Reformation


Voices from the Reformation


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I have bought together eight published and unpublished articles on the Protestant Reformation in this small book. These articles deal with a range of theological issues. Chapter one explores the life and teachings of Jan Hus, one of the most significant pre-reformer whose life and theology set the stage for the Protestant Reformation of the Sixteenth century. Chapter two describes the core theological issue-of Anabaptism-Discipleship. Chapter three compares the teachings of Anabaptism with those of the Seventh-day Adventists. Chapter 4 analyzes the Radicals’ reformers’ views on the Holy Spirit. Chapters five, six, and seven focuses on Martin Luther, considered the towering figure of the Reformation. In chapter five, I reexamine Luther’s views on death and dying. Chapter six explores his revolutionary views on marriage, sex, and the family. Chapter seven analyzes his enigmatic and paradoxical theology. Chapter eight concludes the book by surveying a representative view of the major Protestant reformers of the sixteenth century on what happens to the wicked at the final judgment and the nature of hell.

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Voices from the Reformation