Jesus of Nazareth: His Life, His Message, His Passion

Jesus of Nazareth: His Life, His Message, His Passion

William G. Johnsson


William G. Johnsson draws from his many years of firsthand experience teaching about Jesus in a university setting to provide educators with this invaluable teaching resource. In it he seeks to impart eternal lessons from the gospel account of Jesus’ earthly ministry. This textbook contains a wealth of historical information from both scripture and nonbiblical ancient literature that will help students fully appreciate the impact of Jesus in human history.

The book is the first in a series of specialized textbooks in Adventist biblical studies and theology developed by the Biblical Research Institute and published by Andrews University Press for use in undergraduate and graduate programs in Adventist colleges and universities.

William G. Johnsson (PhD Vanderbilt University) has served as professor of New Testament at two Seventh-day Adventist universities, editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review for twenty-four years, and a member of the Ellen G. White Estate Board of Trustees. A widely noted speaker and writer, he has authored nearly thirty books and more than 1,000 articles, and has specialized in interfaith relations.