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Contents An overview of the 1994 season of the Madaba Plains Project at Tall al-ʻUmayri / Larry G. Herr -- Excavation and cumulative results / Larry G. Herr -- Field A: The Ammonite administrative complex (north) / John I. Lawlor -- Field B: The western defense system / Douglas R. Clark -- Field H: The southwest acropolis / David R. Berge, Lloyd A. Willis -- The pottery / Larry G. Herr -- The objects / Elizabeth E. Platt, Larry G. Herr -- Field K: The dolmen and other features on the south slopes of Tall al-ʻUmayri / Elzbieta Dubis, Bogdan Dabrowski -- Middle Bronz IIC chamber tomb: field K02 / Mariusz Górniak, Maryla Kapica -- Report on the human bones from Tall al-ʻUmayri, 1992-1996 / Joan W. Chase -- Metal objects / Elzbieta Dubis -- The inscribed seals / Larry G. Herr -- Seals and seal impressions from excavation seasons, 1984-2000 / Jürg Eggler, Larry G. Herr, Rhonda Root -- Early and late Bronze Age transitional subsistence at Tall al-ʻUmayri / Joris Peters, Nadja Pöllath, Angela von de Driesch -- Tribes and sedentarization of the Madaba Plains and central Jordan during the Iron I and Ottoman periods / Chang-Ho C. Ji -- The objects from the 1989 season / Larry G. Herr, Elizabeth E. Platt.



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Madaba Plains Project 5: The 1994 Season at Tall al-'Umayri and Subsequent Studies