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This volume presents an analysis of small finds excavated at Tell Hesban, conveniently compiling information from all periods of Hesban into one study. Invaluable insights can be gained about the ancient human mind and the cultural context of the time periods. The study looks at Hesban's ancient technologies, trade relations, social and political structures, military innovations, education, and diet.

Reports are provided by a spectrum of specialists and deal with Arabic, Greek, Latin and Ammonite inscriptions; ceramic figurines; scarabs; glass fragments; domestic stone objects and iron samples; textile tools; cosmetic objects and jewelry; and coins, all findings from the Tell Hesban excavations.


Preface / Øystein Sakala LaBianca -- Foreword / Randall W. Younker -- Introduction / Paul J. Ray, Jr. -- The Arab inscriptions from Hesban / Ghazi Bisheh -- Latin and Greek inscriptions from Tell Hesban / James J.C. Cox ... [et al.] -- Ammonite ostraca from Tell Hesban / Frank M. Cross -- Terracotta figurines from Tell Hesban and vicinity / Boguslav Dabrowski -- An early Roman fenestrated bowl from Hesban / Ralph E. Hendrix -- Scarabs from Hesban / Siegfried H. Horn -- Glass from Hesban / Sidney M. Goldstein -- Objects of stone, clay, bone, and ivory from Tell Hesban and vicinity / Wade R. Kotter and Paul J. Ray, Jr. -- Metallurgical samples from Tell Hesban / Blair D. London -- The textile tools from Tell Hesban and vicinity / Elizabeth E. Platt and Paul J. Ray, Jr. -- The cosmetic objects from Tell Hesban and vicinity / Elizabeth E. Platt -- The jewelry from Tell Hesban and vicinity / Elizabeth E. Platt -- Miscellaneous objects from Tell Hesban and vicinity / Marie-Louise Vollenweider and Elizabeth E. Platt -- The coins from the excavations at Hesban / Abraham Terian



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Berrien Springs, MI


Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture


Hesban 12

First Department

Old Testament

Hesban 12: Small Finds: Studies of Bone, Iron, Glass, Figurines, and Stone Objects from Tell Hesban and Vicinity