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A campus master plan is a far-reaching plan of action for the development and preservation of the physical campus. It is intended to guide administrators, designers, and supporters in their efforts to improve its facilities and environment over the long term.

The most recent campus master plan at Andrews University was completed in 2002 and was titled “Spirit of Place.” It focused on a series of principles and general strategies to guide planning on campus, but also included a series of actual design proposals. Many of these proposals, some of which had a much longer history, were implemented. These include the new university entrance, new way finding signage, the demolition of old Griggs Hall and the construction of Buller Hall, the completion of the Howard Performing Arts Center, the Art & Design Center, improvements to the Air Park, and the removal of various houses and streets. Other projects are underway, but plans for others have changed and certain projects had not yet been anticipated.

While the Campus Planning Committee continues to support the core principles expressed in the 2002 document, this updated plan is intended to provide more specific guidance for building and renewing our physical educational environment. To support the operation of a quality academic and student life program, the revised Campus Master Plan seeks to give holistic context to individual planning and design decisions - decisions that affect mind, body, and spirit.

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A Campus for Health & Wellness: 2013 Campus Master Plan and Design Guidelines