Submissions from 2013

“The Application of Botanic Garden Interpretive Methodology to Archaeological Site Interpretation.”, Stan Beikmann

P-01 An evaluation of electrical conductivity as a practical tool in mastitis detection, Carrie Mesiar, Jerome Thayer, and Katherine Koudele


Ethics in landscape design, Garth Woodruff

Events from 2012

P-07 Preparing Students for Careers in Effective International Agricultural Development, Katherine Koudele, Kristin Witzel, and Thomas Chittick


A Sailor Looks at Leadership [review] / Deering, Randy, Garth Woodruff

articles from 2007


Preliminary Report of the 2000, 2004, and 2005 Seasons at Tall Jalul, Jordan (Madaba Plains Project), Randall W. Younker, David Merling, Paul Ray, Mark Ziese, Paul Z. Gregor, Constance E. Gane, and Katherine Koudele