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Second Advent History



As part of the Adventist Classic Library, this volume includes a facsimile reproduction of Isaac C. Wellcome's 1874 publication History of the Second Advent Message and Mission, Doctrine and People. Wellcome, a member of the Advent Christian branch of Adventists, produced this first general history of the movement that had promoted the belief that the Second Advent of Jesus would take place on October 22, 1844.

Though primarily a historical narrative of the Millerite movement and an important source of information about early Adventism, Wellcome's work also includes much theological discussion. His book, as historian Gary Land observes, is "a significant example of the Advent Christian side in the struggle to claim the mantle of William Miller." Wellcome's book records his own personal memories and those of others, includes biographical sketches of more than thirty-five Millerite and Advent Christian leaders, and provides quotations and lengthy extracts from other early published Advent materials, many of which no longer exist in original form.

This volume provides a scholarly introductory essay by Gary Land which presents a biographical sketch of Isaac Wellcome, early Millerite historiography, and some discussion of Wellcome as a historian and later Advent Christian historians as well. Also included in this reprint edition are a name index and a general index which should serve as a guide to the most prominent subjects and persons discussed in Wellcome's volume.



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