Submissions from 2015


Professional Development to Differentiate Kindergarten Tier 1 Instruction: Can Already Effective Teachers Improve Student Outcomes by Differentiating Tier 1 Instruction?, Stephanie Al Otaiba, Jessica S. Folsom, Jeanne Wanzek, Luana Greulich, Jessica Waesche, Christopher Schatschneider, and Carol M. Connor


Review of M. Kanyal, Children's Rights 0-8: Promoting Participation in Education and Care, Lori Imasiku


Accomodating Students with Disabilities in Higher Education, Carletta Witzel, Luana Greulich, and James Jeffery

Submissions from 2013


Student to teacher transition: First Days of School Experience, Michelle Bacchiocchi


The contributions of vocabulary and letter writing automaticity to word reading and spelling for kindergartners, Young-Suk Kim, Stephanie Otaiba, Cynthia Puranik, Jessica Folsom, and Luana Greulich


Language, literacy, attentional behaviors, and instructional quality predictors of written composition for first graders, Young-Suk Kim, Stephanie Otaiba, Jessica Sidler, and Luana Greulich


Exploring the amount and type of writing instruction during language arts instruction in kindergarten classrooms., Cynthia Puranik, Stephanie Otiba, Jessica Sidler, and Luana Greulich

Submissions from 2011


Working Toward Systemic Change in a Christian School System, Larry D. Burton, Josephine E. Katenga, Jimmy Kijai, Wanli Xing, and Yu-May Ho

Submissions from 2010

Foreword, Larry Burton

Submissions from 2008

Credinta pe intelesul copiilor: Un ghid valoros pentru a-i imprienteni pe copii cu Dumnezeu, Donna Habenicht and Larry Burton

Submissions from 2007

Integrating Spirituality in Education Courses, Larry Burton

Submissions from 2004

Teaching the Faith: An Essential Guide for Building Faith-shaped Kids, Donna Habenicht and Larry Burton